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Selected student projects

Student Project

The Medialized Church

FS 2016 Oh' Lord

Sant’Ignazio di Loyola is known for it’s trompe-l’œil frescoes which create the illusion of transcendent 3-dimensional spaces on flat surfaces. Its critique of architectural space was nearly the same as that of Instagram, Pinterest, Jencks, Drexler and Venturi: two-dimensional representation seems to suffice. Additionally, our pre-conceived image of a “church” (or any architecture) is now so strong that even the most impressive spatial experiences can feel routine because we have already seen it (and nearly felt it) before as an image in a book or on our phone.

This project argues that since space is now received much the same way as we experience an image, architecture might instead attempt to recast images as forms in space.

Class info and syllabus.

Project by: Anna Nemeth Lilian Pala
Cast: The Matriarch
Cast: The head of the Family
Cast: The Cousin
Side Chapel
Cast: The Princess
Cast: The Mentor
Apsis Column
Cast: The Matchmaker
Cast: The Antagonist
Cast: The Children
Nave Windows
Cast: The Canopy
Barrel Vault
Cast: The Siblings
Intersection Columns
Cast: The People
Nave Columns and Arches
The cast of the project derived from interpretations of the different architectural elements in the only existing section of Sant’Ignazio di Loyola in Rome
Section through the site
Section of the dome
Plan of the dome
Section and plan of the apsis
Section and plan of the side chapel
Section and plan of the lantern
Section and plan of the apsis column
Section and plan of the transept
Section and plan of the facade
Section and plan of the nave windows
Section and plan of the barrel vault
Section and plan of the intersection columns
Section and plan of the nave columns and arches
Ground floor
Perspectival view inside the facade
Perspectival view of the dome entrance
Perspectival view of the street facing the site
Site model
Site model, members of the cast peek over the city’s context
Sectional model of the Matriarch
Model, three-dimensional frescos of Sant’Ignazio di Loyola, Rome