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Student Project

Kanzlei 2

HS 2016 Haushalt

Standard Deviation

The ‘Regelgeschoss’ (standard floor) is a staple of modern housing. A building with n floors (where n > 3) typically has n–2 floors which are exactly the same. This results in a circulation network that could be described as a ‘ladder’—a vertical distribution corridor (e.g. stair core or elevator) with terminal horizontal corridors at each level. As the number of standard floors is reduced, the distribution corridor is required to ‘transfer’ between non-standard floors, breaking down the hierarchy between vertical and horizontal, distribution and termination. This leads to the question: What if there were only one Regelgeschoss?

This project positions one, collective Regelgeschoss halfway between the ground and the uppermost floor. It is only on this floor that circulation becomes normative. What is produced is a knot of 3 oblique corridors that stem from three separate entrances. Under this scheme, the relationship between access and apartment is modified considerably. The meandering stair corridors serve fewer tenants and take on a more intimate character—the entrance vestibule becomes part of the apartment. For each unit, an anonymous second door is added to the vestibule, allowing residents to take a ‘shortcut’ through the semi-private hallway.

Project by: Eva Lanter Lukas Manz
Floor plans
Floor plans
Ground floor
Vertical development
Interior model, atelier
Interior model, kitchen
Site plan
First week task, mirroring the facade
Interior model, loggia