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Selected student projects

Student Project

The Intrusive Church

FS 2016 Oh' Lord

Cross-axial geometries saturate the plans and details of both classical and modern architecture. Thus, spaces and signs of “the cross” tend to appear in many profane or everyday spaces. Zurich’s Hauptbanhof is one such space. Is the HB dreaming of a Cathedral? Does the addition of a housing tower and hundreds of thousands of new “crosses” (in plan, section, elevation) amplify or undermine its ecclesial undertones?

Class info and syllabus.

Project by: Anita Hügin Nadia Lechmann
Sectional model, the apartment tower on top of Zurich's main station
New tower on top of the main station
Circulation from the main hall to the lobby of the tower
The cross within the front elevation
Longitudinal section
Floor plan of the main hall, cross section and elevation
Elevation and floor plans of the apartment floors