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Asst. Prof. Dr. Alex Lehnerer

Selected student projects

Student Project

The Altar Church

FS 2016 Oh' Lord

Investigating the potential of the church as a private, contemplative space, this project installs twelve idiosyncratic altars in the side aisle of Zürich’s Augustinerkirche. The altars exhibit one of three levels of integration with the existing nave wall: stand-alone furnitures, inserted objects, or entirely amalgamated volumes. The interior elevations create the image of a still-life; yet, it is an image which encourages a corporeal engagement which extend beyond optics (looking). As one approaches the image, each altar begins to suggest a different mode of entrance, movement, posture, haptics, and reflection.

Class info and syllabus.

Project by: Jan Golob Dario Bundi
Model, triptych with 12 projected altars
Interior elevation of the additional altars
Exterior expression of the church
Ground floor
Longitudinal section through the nave
Longitudinal section through the nave
Cross section
Cross section
The church in liturgical and contemplative use
Site plan
Formal studies of the plan
Intermediate design of ground floor (midterm review)
Intermediate design of ground floor (first review)
Historical development of the Augustinerkirche in Zurich