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Student Project


FS 2017 The Architecture of Bureaucracy
Project by: Pierre Marmy Emanuel Falk
The Zürich Building sits adjacent to the Briefzentrum, just outside Zürich between Altstetten and Schlieren
The Zürich Building acts as a gate to the northwestern entrance to the city
The Zürich Building
The Zürich Building: Plan and Section
Looking back towards Zürich from the third tower
Entrance from the Hermetschloobrücke
The Basel Building becomes the eastern gate to the city
The Basel Building reaches out from the Siecheholz over the railway
The Basel Building
The Basel Building: Plan and Section
View from Grenzacherstrasse
The Basel Building treads lightly
The Geneva Building is surprisingly, yet conveniently, close to the Genève Aéroport
The Geneva Building fondly looks down upon Lac Léman and the Jet d'Eau
The shadow of the air traffic control tower
The Geneva Building
The Geneva Building: Plan and Section
A familiar image welcomes visitors to Geneva
The Lugano Building sits along the A2 motorway in the peripheral municipality of Manno
The Lugano Building captures a familiar image from the Campione d'Italia and places it on Swiss soil.
The the view from the road
The Lugano Building
The Lugano Building: Plan and Section