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Selected student projects

Student Project

The Engaged Church

FS 2016 Oh' Lord

Both Wölfflin and Wittkower agreed that the Renaissance church was, above all, characterised by a strong and stable centre. Challenging received wisdom, this project explodes the center of Il Gesú, forcing a reconciliation of its multiple, unstable centres with the context.

Class info and syllabus.

Project by: Corinne Räz Benjamin Müller
Original site plan of the church and it's surroundings
Site plan after the inversion of Il Gesù
Site plan after the church engaged itself with the city
Sectional model, showing the city structure's engagement with the church...
Inversion of the Church Il Gesù in Rome
What used to be outside space is now a narrow corridor within the inside of the structure
Cross section, showing the inverted church and the city structure as its new supporting structure
Detailed section 1: apartment meets the quartered church cupola and creates a new whole
Floor plan 1.1
Floor plan 1.2
Detailed section 2: what once was the Dome of Il Gesù is now the living room
Floor plan 2.1
Floor plan 2.2
Floor plan 2.3
Detailed section
Floor plan 3.1
Floor plan 3.2
Floor plan 3.3
Floor plan 3.4