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Selected student projects

Student Project

Stüssistrasse 70

HS 2016 Haushalt

A Cozy Manifesto

Aging or retired residents of Zürich are often interested in exploring alternative, collective formats of living. But they tend to be looking for a modest, rather than radical, contrast to their previous years in a private flat.

Zürich’s cooperative housing projects are only ‘collective’ to very limited degree as the plans of the units are largely indistinguishable from private apartments. But, as is discovered at Stüssistrasse 70, entirely new forms are not necessary—a restrained utopia is revealed by simply eliminating circulation as an autonomous program. Walls are removed and stairs repositioned so as to dissolve the corridor into the semi-public spaces of the units. Significantly, this annexation of the corridor does not eliminate all privacy as independent sub-units (i.e. bed and bathrooms) are easily partitioned off from the larger apartment.

Project by: Rueben Bernegger Tino Glimmann
1st floor
1st floor that shows demolished and new structure
2nd floor
2nd floor that shows demolished and new structure
3rd floor
3rd floor that shows demolished and new structure
4th floor
4th floor that shows demolished and new structure
5th floor
5th floor that shows demolished and new structure
6th floor
Coss section
Longitudinal section
Side elevation
Side elevation
Main entrance elevation
Backyard elevation
Reference: Palladio's Design for the Rialto Bridge.
"In addition to beeing a transition between places, a bridge may be concidered a place in its self" Colin Rowe, in: I Stood in Venice in the Bridge of Sighs"
Entrance situation. Only the canopy gaves a hint to the front door.
The bathroom turns into a main circulation space of the house. The tiles remain
Where once a wall devided two living rooms, now a stair devides them, where at the same time it connects them visually into one big living space.
The main circulation touches a kitchen of an apartment