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Selected student projects

Student Project


HS 2016 Haushalt

From Collective Housing to a Collection of Houses

The architectural features of an individual house include: multiple levels, varying ceiling heights, access to the space under (and above) the roof as well as access and control over a small piece of earth, the garden. While collective living certainly has its own set of benefits, this specific combination of amenities rarely coexists.

Yet, what might be taken as an irreconcilable split, has a surprisingly straightforward solution. All that is needed to reconcile the individual house with the collective house is the transferal of the unit’s plan to the section. It does not change the project’s floor area nor does it require any adjustments to the building’s footprint. This simple brilliant trick leaves the precious spatial economy of the Genossenschaft undisturbed.

Project by: Charlotte Schaeben Fabian Sauser
Site plan
Interior view
Front and back elevations
Floor plans big row house
Floor plans small row house