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Selected student projects

Student Project

Stüssistrasse 19-31

HS 2016 Haushalt

The Mathematics of the Ideal Genossenschaft

Buildings fall prey to predicaments when architects, in attempting to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and to conceal all that must be done in order to do so, resort to the use of strange and exceptional forms. The process of unearthing and introducing architectural predicaments can expose and ultimately lead to the revision of norms, assumptions and standards that usually remain undetected in architecture. —Scott Cohen

Any given building at least points to a set of rules or ideals to which it aspires. While the collective housing project at Stüssistrasse 19-31 is not emphatic about anything, it at least seems to say: “I am symmetrical,” “I am rational,” “I am efficient,” “I am straightforward,” “I am Heimat,” “I am democratic,” and so on. Yet, as one begins to follow up on these assurances, the building’s announced principles turn into a list of contradictions. One finds imbalance, redundancy, inefficiency and inequality.

This project takes prima facie promises of Stüssistrasse seriously, proposing a chain of minor interventions that, collectively, attempt to iron out the inconsistencies and allow the building to deliver on its promises.

Project by: Flurina Leuchter Claudia Stebler
Before: Stüssistrasse 19-31
After: The Ideal Genossenschaft
The internal contradictions of the existing building are used to generate a new architecture.
Front elevation
Rear elevation
Plans of the existing settlement
Analysis of the existing settlement: Confusion within the internal rhythm and order.
Revising (and celebrating) the contradictions of Stüssistrasse 19.
Applied Mathematics: Comparison of the Existing and Revised Order
Ground floor
1st Floor
The revised central unit goes from worst to first—from having no 'erker' to becoming a 'supererker'