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Selected student projects

Student Project

The Church for the Unemployed Clergy

FS 2016 Oh' Lord

Due to decreasing church-attendance, the ‘Zusammenschluss der Kirchegeminden Reformierten Zürich’ proposes  to consolidate church administration, staff and maintenance. With this move, local pastors, janitors, organists, etc would be replaced by a small, centralized cadre of rotating ecclesiastical staff. This project offers a “voluntary prison” for the jobless clergy and staff; a church where they can choose to continue preaching, performing and fixing—only now the congregation consists of their peers rather than the lay public.

Class info and syllabus.

Project by: Edvardas Bukota Victoria Desponds
Model of the exterior
Model of the exterior
Model of the interior
The inner world of the community
Longitudinal section
1st floor
2nd floor