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Master thesis

Endless Egerkingen

At the crossroads between landscapes and communication networks, the village of Egerkingen is to be found between the Jura Mountains and the A1 highway. Throughout time, transportation networks progressively shaped the local tissue of land and uses.

One can notice how this infrastructure divided the village in successive strips. From the highway to the foot of the Jura mountain range, roads, railway, and river conditioned the typology of the city, splitting the territory into distinct parts with various identities.

The project presents a vision, an amplified reality of the existing patterns found in Egerkingen.

Each strip is addressed with one radical move that reframes and reinforces the existing urban tissue. In doing so, individual worlds are created, in which the local characteristic is exaggerated to become the main spatial protagonist. These new « worlds without limits » envision ways to counter the growing banality of Egerkingen’s landscape.

Egerkingen is not alone in its typology; the entire Mittelland’s plateau is structured in parallel patterns that follow the Jura and Alps. The project proposes a starting point for a logic of intervention in this region, based on the landscape’s intrinsic qualities.

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