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9 Canonical Buildings

In 2008 Peter Eisenman published the book “Ten Canonical Buildings”, in which he analyses ten buildings by architects ranging from Luigi Moretti to Aldo Rossi and Frank Gehry.* What is striking about this book is the way he represents and graphically analyses all of these architectures in the same style and technique: axonometric drawings in black and red lines. For some of them this style does not seem adequate at all and even makes them look awkward. Whether or not this was intentional, we were very much inspired by such a rigorous technique of re-interpretation, not as an historical endeavor but as a projective one. It also becomes clear that any analysis of architecture is very much dependent on a certain method/technique and the subjectivity of the observer.

We tried the same a little differently: we chose nine buildings that are important to us and rebuilt them from material provided by Faller model building kits. The result very much depended on the selected Faller building and the technique applied to that new “building material” (inversion, extension, disassembly, repetition…) in order to represent the original building.

 * Eisenman, Peter. Ten Canonical Buildings: 1950-2000. Edited by Ariane Lourie. Rizzoli, 2008.

Exhibition forthcoming.

Formal Interpretation of the Vanna Venturi House by Robert Venturi, completed in 1964.
Faller model kit as source material.
Falling Water / Kaufmann Residence by F. L. Wright, completed in 1939.
Farnsworth House by L. Mies van der Rohe, completed in 1951.
Log cabin giving birth to a sandwich.
Engineering Building, Leicester University by James Stirling, completed in 1963.