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Studio HS 18: Hey, Teacher—Idylle und Ideologie VIII

Hey, Teacher

At one point every architect entertains the idea of founding one’s own school. Usually a very charming and optimistic idea, being outside the institution. However, only few did it—whether on a dusty parking lot in Downtown Los Angeles, or by moving back and forth between Wisconsin and Arizona. Turning a school into the School is a very powerful act of thinking of where one stands as an architect, and combines practicalities with more abstract things such as ideology, disciplinary critique, and pedagogy.

You will all be professors, if not deans. Your School is not in Zurich, but it is Zurich. Your students will not study at a three- to four-letter school. Of course you need an organizational structure. You need facilities, space, peers, desire, enemies, and a place. You need to realize what kind of teacher you imagine to be. There will be four city-wide professor conferences, where agenda and ambitions are shared.

We start easy: a photograph that captures you with your 17 students, just like Buckminster Fuller teaching in a meadow or Alvin Boyarsky on an elephant.

That is your first statement of intent. Then you design your School. From the freshman orientation to the building and place that represents your workplace. It should not be big, as the city is big enough. How is the school’s internal performance linked to its exterior expression? Does the contained have anything to do with its container? What is the one place in the city where all schools coalesce, if the „Audimax“ is not an option?

We will invert our conventional teaching experience. At one point during midway, you will eventually and literally become the teacher and we will be your students executing your given task. You will profess.

Understanding the difference between being educated as an architect and learning to become an architect.

Capacity: max 18 professors to not overstretch the teacher-student ratio.
Project development is mainly done in pairs

Introduction: Tuesday, 18.09.2018, 10:00 am, Pavilion HIQ C11, ETH Hönggerberg
Studio: Pavilion HIQ C11, ETH Hönggerberg

+ Integrated Discipline Planning (P)

R. Buckminster Fuller, Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, 1971
Bogdan Bogdanović and students at the Summer School in Mali Popović, 1979/80
Alvin Boyarsky at a sit-in against the war in Cambodia at the University of Illinois Chicago
School of Architecture, 1970
Alison Smithson at a chalkboard
Josef Albers, Black Mountain College, 1933-49
Zaha Hadid, Architectural Association, 1983
John Hejduk and Hélène Binet, Prague, 1991
Richard Neutra at Lovell Health House with students from Academy of Modern Art, including Hamilton Harris and Gregory Ain, 1928
Adolfo Natalini, Università degli Studi di Firenze
Aldo Rossi, Tony diaz, Sandro Borghini, and Ernesto Katzenstein, La Escuelita, 1978
Aldo van Eyck, Delft School of Architecture, General Assembly, 1969
Alvin Boyarsky, Architectural Association, 1975
Delft School of Architecture, public voting, 1969
Diana Agrest and Manfredo Tafuri, IAUS
Serge Chermayeff at Yale in front of a drawing of himself created by students, 1966
Peter Eisenman, Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies
Frei Otto, Institut für Leichtbau Entwerfen und Konstruieren ILEK, 1968
Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi, Yale University, 1968
The Hara Laboratory, Hiroshi Hara’s students, Kengo Kuma in back, with equipment for village surveys in Africa, 1972-78
Bernhard Hoesli and John Hejduk, University of Texas at Austin, 1955
Jaap Bakema, Internationale Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst, Salzburg, 1975
Kenzo Tange
Le-Corbusier, CIAM summer school, Italy, 1953
Walter Gropius, desk crit at Harvard GSD, 1946
Ray and Charles Eames, Cranbrook Academy of Art and Design, 1940
Louis Kahn, ETH, 1969
Louis Kahn, ETH, 1969
Imre Makovecz, Private Master School, 1969-1977
Manfredo Tafuri lecturing at ETSAB, February 1983
N. Phyllis Birkby, Women's School of Architecture and Planning, 1975
Frank Lloyd Wright, 1958
Mies van der Rohe, IIT, Chicago
Miroslav Sik
O.M. Ungers at Cornell, 1971. From left- Werner Seligmann, Unknown, Fred Koetter, O.M. Ungers, Jerry Wells.
Oskar Hansen at AICA congress in Wroclaw, 1975
Pietro Belluschi at MIT, 1956
Reyner Banham in his office at the Bartlett School of Architecture, ca. 1976. Photo: Adrian Forty
Samuel Mockbee, Auburn University Rural Studio
Mies van der Rohe, Bauhaus, Berlin, 1933
Hans Bernoulli, ETH
R. Buckminster Fuller, Black Mountain College
Louis Kahn
John Hejduk, University of Texas at Austin, 1955
Unknown, Princeton
Josep Lluis Sert, Harvard GSD, 1956
Kenneth Frampton
Hans Kollhof, Berlin
Philip Johnson, Lecture at Yale, 1954
Louis Kahn
Alison Smithson, London
Paul Rudolph, desk crit at Yale, 1964