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Idyll and Ideology Reader Series I-IV

Every semester we offer readings that consist of topic related texts as well as talismanic ones. Each reader can be purchased (at production costs) as hard copy at our office HIL G 74.

‘Idyll and Ideology’ is a series of critical studies that speculates about, while also reinterpreting, the structural inventory found within our towns and countryside. The design project is rooted within the context of the discipline between the theory of architecture and the stories of the built environment– an architecture that claims to be both cultural and contextual while simultaneously pursuing the desire for the autonomy of form. The city as a cultural expression has always been the critical project of architecture. By focusing on individual elements that make up the whole, a precise architectural discussion can be developed about collective form. The design process describes the ideological reshaping of a constructed idyll and the related negotiation of its resulting contradictions. The outcome is a third typology between house and city.